Play Areas

Areas is an pretty super exercise in minimalist design. There’s no sound effects, any graphics are purely functional, no text, and a simpler input mechanism than I previously thought was possible. Only the movement of the mouse is used. No clicks. No keyboard buttons. Unlike the graphical design, the decision to only use mouse position as input is not entirely functional. It seems more like minimalism for minimalism’s sake. Which is not a bad thing. I’m all for picking an abstract idea to explore with game design and following it through until the idea breaks.

One thing about Areas that is not minimalist is the music. The music is entirely wonderfully insane, and it really puts the game into another realm from what it is with the sound muted. I couldn’t find anything about the music except for this page on Newgrounds. The guy who made the music, e-d has two other tracks besides Opera of the Frogs, which is the music used in Areas. You can download all three tracks from his Newgrounds page.