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I’ve released a new game. It’s called Gravitat, and is the result of my thinking a month or so ago, “I wonder if I can design a new twist on match-three games, or is that seam of gameplay barren of interest”. No, it turns out there’s still a sliver of life and interesting design left. The result is like most match-three genre games; really addictive for something so utterly mindless.

One of my favorite things about this game though is my cousin Dan’s awesome music & sound FX. You can download an un-looped version of it here. It’s all just made through a guitar and a whole bunch of FX pedals.


Dino Run

Dino Run screenshot

I’m really loving Dino Run, the new game from the guys who made Gamma Bros. It’s a simple concept — a game designed for speed runs. You just need to sprint away from the incoming asteroid-based doom, picking up eggs, eating smaller dinosaurs and avoiding the flaming shrapnel crashing down around you.


Worth Playing

Dirk Valentine


Dirk Valentine is developed by Nitrome, so its beautiful pixel art is only to be expected. It also has a really cool steampunk setting. The gameplay is pretty fun too, with a nice mix of action and puzzles. You play as Dirk Valentine, a commando on a mission to rescue Queen Victoria. You are armed with a gun that shoots a chain that can be used for both attacking bad guys and building platforms that are used to traverse the levels.

You Have to Burn the Rope


You Have to Burn the Rope is a wonderful antidote to today’s 80-hour games.



Ikariam is a nice little online web-based strategy game. It’s like Civilization, but with the micromanagement turned way down. You basically decide what buildings to make, what jobs your citizens should perform and wait around for things to happen. Its the kind of game that only takes a few minutes out of your day, which is quite nice.

I’m playing on the Iota server, as player name mademouse if anyone feels like joining me.