In-between production work on my mining microgame, here’s a seed of an idea for another economic microgame:


Garden Patch

Garden Patch is a card-based economic game about growing a garden. In the center of the table is a rondel formed of five cards, which represents the seasons of the year. Each round, the season marker rotates, advancing to the next season. The game starts in Summer.

The players start the game with a hand of three cards which represent seeds for crops they can grow. Each crop can only be planted during specific seasons and harvested in other seasons.

Player Turns

Each round, players take turns, moving clockwise around the table. In a players turn they may perform two actions. There are three types of actions, which may be performed in any order:

  • Plant a crop
  • Harvest a crop
  • Buy seeds from the market

Players may perform additional actions on their turn, by spending Suns equal to the number of actions taken.

Plant a Crop

If it is the appropriate season for planting a crop in your hand, you can plant it by placing it face up in front of you.

Harvest a Crop

If it is the appropriate season to harvest a crop, you can harvest it by flipping it over. This reveals the Suns earned from the crop. Keep the cards Sunny-side-up in front of you. They count as victory points, or may be spent to perform extra actions and buy from the Market.

Buy Seeds

To buy seeds, take a card from the Market into your hand. If you take the rightmost card, it is free. Taking cards further towards the left requires you to spend one Sun per card skipped. Thus, the from right to left, the seeds in the market cost 0, 1, 2 or 3 Suns.

When a card is bought from the Market, move the remaining cards down to the right and draw a new card to fill the leftmost space.

Game End

Once the seed deck is empty and no more cards can be drawn to the Market the game is coming to an end. Play the game until the end end of the next Winter. The player with the most Suns wins the game.