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Iron Dukes is pretty solid as flash games go. It has a wonderfully silly steampunk setting, obviously inspired by Mike Mignola’s Amazing Screw on Head or Andy Helm’s (probably dead) Fearless Grigs. It’s a finalist for this year’s IGF, in the Best Web Game category.

Basically Iron Dukes is a simple, accessible RPG with mini-game sections for completing three tasks your characters can be given (fightin’, divin’ and sailin’ through storms). The art, sound design and even the minigames are really nice and just plain fun. Unfortunately, the RPG glue that sticks them together is not as good. It basically comes down to the same design flaw-as-feature that many modern RPGs are crippled with: Enemies that power up in direct proportion to the power of your characters. When you have 10 hp, the enemies do 3 damage. When you have 100 hp, the enemies do 30 damage. The only purpose of leveling is to see the next visual gags embedded in the next item of clothing your characters outfitted with and to make the final boss battle easier, which isn’t quite enough to be properly engaging.

Still, the game is fun overall. This is only the demo, but it’s worth checking out.

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